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Creativity Counts!

You don’t have to be a Jenga® champion to leave our tournament as a winner! We’ll be giving away amazing prizes for outstanding team costumes and clever team names. Get inspired with some of our favorites from the most recent tournament at the TWA Hotel:

• Jengifer Coolidge
• Worth a Poke
• Hi Stacks
• Stack Attack
• The Adele Dazeems
• Leaning Tower of Geezer
• Team Steady Hand
• Are we Talk’in or are we Block’in?
• Rock the Blocks

Built for Glory!

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, hundreds of people flocked to our latest tournament at the Sheraton New York. Players tapped, wiggled and stacked their way through a series of thrilling Jenga® games while our official referees kept score and our emcee entertained with play-by-play commentary.

In the end, four teams advanced to the final showdown, and our Jenga® champion team, Blue Barracudas, went home with a huge trophy and an even bigger check for $10,000.

Click through below to see more photos from the tournament!



The National Blocking Association is a casual club of obsessed blockers who just want to geek out about Jenga® and celebrate our sport. We’re a passionate little organization committed to bringing blocking out of dark basements and dive bars into the bright light of day! 

While some of us are born “Block ’n’  Rollers” and some are clearly “Mental Blockers” — all of us are wild about stacking ‘em high and turning the whole world into one big block party. Why? Because blocking is fun, unpredictable and pretty much anyone can play. Even if you’re a bonafide “New Kid on the Block,” you’re welcome here!

Our tournaments will usher in a blocking renaissance—a “Jengaissance!” 

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-Billy Joel


The Cautious Constructor
Name: Balanced Blocker
Motto: No risk, all reward
The Strategist
Name: Mental Blocker
Motto: Always three moves
ahead of everyone
The Risk-Taker
Name: Block n' Roller
Motto: Put it all on the
line for one more row
The Rookie
Name: New Kid on the Block
Motto: No experience, no problem


Check out the official (and extremely awesome) playlist from the National Blocking Association's February tournament.



The original game of Jenga® was created by Leslie Scott, who debuted it at the London Toy Fair in 1983. A few years later, Jenga®  became a tipsy, toppling tabletop sensation (and game night staple) when Robert Grebler purchased the rights to the game and introduced it to North America. 

It’s estimated that more than 95 million sets have been sold and 4 billion blocks have been stacked and collapsed since Jenga’s® debut! There’s just something about the gravity-defying fun of building an evermore wobbly tower out of 54 wooden blocks.

At its core, blocking—and the most famous version, Jenga®—is a simple game that’s easy to learn but challenging to master! After just a few games, you realize it’s a delicate dance between manual dexterity and fine motor skills; big risks and a hint of strategy. (And don’t forget psyching out your opponent!) In short, blocking is tabletop psychological warfare.

New twists on the sport have emerged over the years, as blockers look for ways to make their towers bigger, crazier and even more fun! Think XXL-sized games, blocks printed with challenges for each player and even a version with parallelogram-shaped blocks. These variations have popped up in toy stores, in backyards and in game-friendly bars everywhere — but we say nothing beats the original.